Frequently Asked Questions

Drying wood in a kiln is necessary to reduce the moisture to a more stable range for furniture. There are many technologies for drying wood. We utilize a solar kiln to dry out lumber. With everything powered by the sun, this is the most environmentally friendly and emits no CO2 to the atmosphere.

We source our wood locally from several options:

1. Trees that have fallen from storms or other natural causes.
2. Trees felled by construction companies, electrical infrastructure maintenance, etc.
3. Barn wood from demolition of old local barns.

We offer full customization. If you can dream it, we will figure out how to accomplish it. We currently employ a Shapeoko 4 XXL CNC with a working area of 33” x 33” x 4”. Our focus is on continuing to build our automation capabilities.
We currently do not have a showroom. With much of our work being custom, it is difficult to stock items in a showroom and maintain competitive pricing. We do have future plans to set up a showroom for wood slabs. We believe that it is best to see a slab in person to get a clear view of the grain patterns, defects, character, and warmth of the wood before selecting material for a project.
Each custom project will vary in scope and detail; therefore, the time to complete a project is variable. Once a base design is agreed upon and a deposit made, we will communicate an expected completion date after reviewing the design execution time compared to our backlog.
You, as a customer, have a vision that you want to make a reality. You search the big box stores or online for something that reflects your vision only to come across products that don’t quite stack up. Contact us. We will help you realize your full vision, put it down on paper, and fabricate it to excite you every time you walk into the room!
We are fortunate to live in Tennessee with a healthy supply of trees of various species, including cedar, white oak, red oak, hickory, cherry, maple, poplar, and our favorite walnut.
The prices quoted for the build will not include shipping costs. All items will be designed and fabricated to optimize shipping.
Once a based design is agreed upon and a deposit is made, we will begin to purchase material and finalize the detailed design. As our fee includes a design fee, we cannot refund the deposit. More detailed information can be found in our contract, which will need to be reviewed and agreed on before we move forward with the project.
If an item is defective, we want to make it right! We are happy to make reasonable adjustments, but due to the custom nature of our work, we do not accept returns.
If the installation location is within a 100-mile radius of Cookeville, TN, we can install the item. We suggest communicating this need upfront, and we can discuss expectations and costs associated with installation.